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I Hate My Roommate - So its the beginning of the school year, your first day of class is over, and you just want to sit down and relax for a moment because you know that the rest of the semester won't be as easy as Day 1.

CO Laser Missile Propulsion Post Engine Exhaust Enhancement - Can we increase the speed of a missiles or rockets by taking the CO2 from the exhaust of a small highly polluting motor and using high-energy laser technology to further light the exhaust of the missile? Could we increase the speed, power, velocit.

A Definition Of Yield Management - Yield Management: A yield management system, which can also be referred to as revenue management, is a system that attempts to understand, anticipate and then react to consumer behaviour in order to maximise revenue/profit.

They Cook They Clean and They Can Kill Robots - The robotic future involves many aspects, some good and others not so pleasant, but isn?t that in keeping with the history of mankind? Humans are always having wars and conflicts over various things.

Increasing Human Paranormal Abilities Such As ESP - Most humans have had times in their life when they had felt a rush of extra sensor perception.

Killing Locust Plagues With High Energy High Frequency Sound Waves - Can we disrupt insect flight with sound waves? Can we stop a locust plague from devastating crops using sound? Is there anything we can do to stop this problem of mankind, as ancient writing, religious text and folklore tells of these locust plagu.

A Students Guide to the Deep Web - The Internet is a treasure trove of knowledge, especially for students in search of immediate information gratification.

More Efficient Orbital Space Craft - Currently there are over 30,000 people ho have put their names on a list with deposits to go into space.

Robotic and Organic Large Insect Modification for Military Use - The modern battlespace is going robotic faster than ever before and in the future human armies will not be used to any large degree as a means to attack one?s enemies.

Need Help Paying Back Student Loans - Many college students and graduates are looking for a solution for their student loan debt.

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