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Computer Gaming Design Planning for Future Events - It should be quite obvious by now that in the future our aircraft will fly themselves and cars will drive themselves.

Vibrational Energy and Aerodynamics of Flight - Can we build a Micro-Air Vehicle or MAV, which uses vibrational energy from directed sound waves to create advantages in flying characteristics? Did you know that NASA built a little MAV powered by a laser, but it could have easily been powered by.

Terra Farming or Terra Forming For NASA it Could be Both - When we go to other planets and decide to make a colony on those planets we will need to be totally self-sustaining.

Military Mind Control of the Enemy - Is it possible to control the minds of your enemy? It has been tried throughout time and in World War II the Japanese made very effective use of the wartime radio waves trying their psyche war tactics on our troops.

Are performance driving schools overrated - Local street driving schools have a core curriculum primarily focused on helping students pass their test, not on controlling their vehicle.

Is an MBA Worth the Time and Money - It depends what your priorities in life are.

What are the Real Challenges of the New SAT - The Scholastic Aptitude Test is one of the most widely-taken admission tests in America.

Are You Considering Homeschooling - Homeschooling is becoming a popular alternative to the deteriorating public government schools.

Using Random Student Cards in Class - Ever wonder if you choose certain students more (or less) often in class than others? Or would you like to be able to completely call on students at random?.

Bees Use Sound to Assist in Swarming Flight - There is a theory floating around out there that in fact Bees use sound waves during swarming and perhaps during normal single insect flight to help with the aerodynamics of their endeavors? Some say this cannot be, yet it surely can as a lot can.

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