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MultiWave Modulation for Encryption for Military and NSA Applications Theory - In the new paradigm of the modern battles space the United States Military realizes that the need for communication and safe transmission of encrypted data is paramount to the modern future force war fighter.

Growing Oil - Currently, researchers are hoping to alleviate the US?s addiction to oil by transforming sawdust and wood chips into bio-oil.

Distance Learning Online Education Electronic Education Electronic LearningCall It What You Wa - Whatever you want to label "learning at home" and however you want to define the latest buzz words for non-traditional education, you can find a program and method that suits your needs.

Essential Luxuries - If we strip out every luxury and just bring things down to bear essentials, all we really need in order to live is food, water, warmth, shelter and clothing.

Business Plan Competitions - The idea of a business plan competition first started in the 1980's at the initiative of some MBA students from Texas and has increasingly gained popularity.

UFO Futuristic Concepts and the End of the World - I was sitting on the front stoop wondering if I should wash the pickup or pick the last of the tomatoes off my one vine that has produced about a zillion marble-sized tomatoes this summer.

Genetic Human Code Should We Tinker - Should mankind be tinkering with his genetic code? Should we be messing with Mother Nature?s evolution? Should we be screwing with our DNA, extending life and messing around with stem cells? Ah, the great debate rages on.

Official College Rankings A Students Best Friend - Each year, the United States News and World report issues college rankings.

MBA And Tertiary Education Programs in China - With China becoming the 6th largest economy in 2004 and likely to rank 4th in 2005, this is likely to fuel further anxieties over the impact of China`s rising economic might for the world economic leaders.

Artificial Intelligent Android Robotics and Potential Alloys - Robotic engineers designing the next generation artificial intelligence androids will need to make use of new materials and potentially special alloys.

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